Learn Taiko Drumming

Taste of Taiko Workshop ( 2 hours )

Want to learn taiko drumming?
We run several Taste of Taiko workshops throughout the year.

Special 4 weeks course, just for new beginners!
Saturdays from Jun 23 - Jul 14 @ 3:30 - 5pm.

Following the workshop, participants have the option to join our Beginners class as soon as the teachers have space available.

Simply purchase tickets here.

If you cannot attend this workshop, fill out the form below to be notified of future events.

Taiko Drumming - Class Enrolment

Want to learn taiko drumming?

To be added to our pending classes list- please fill out the enrolment form below. You'll be notified of upcoming courses and workshops.

Special 4 weeks course, just for new beginners!
Saturdays from Jun 23 - Jul 14 @ 3:30 - 5pm.

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Taiko Classes - For Adults, And For Kids 9+

Tamashii teaches a full range of taiko courses at 4 different ability levels.

Our teaching team will introduce you to the songs, traditions and training style of Japanese taiko drumming, as well as teach you teamwork and performing skills if you'd like to progress towards performer-level.

It's a fantastic, life-changing experience and a great community of people.

Introduction To Taiko Class

New students join our Beginner level class on special Intro Saturdays that we'll announce by email. 

We'll organise those special Intro classes every 1 to 2 months, depending on our class & events schedule.

If your're interested in joining, enrol now. We'll save a space for you, and notify you as soon as we have class dates scheduled.

How do I get started?

It's easy!

  1. Click here to enrol above. ( or scroll up )
    Enroling does not commit you to anything.
  2. Hang tight, you'll get an email within the next month, announcing the next Intro class date.
    These will always run Saturdays at 3:30p-5p in Panmure.
  3. Join it if you can, as a casual class ( $20 ).
    If you can't make that date, another will be scheduled in 1 to 2 months.
  4. If you join the class and want to continue, you can join the term, and continue with the team in that same class time slot.
    Terms run 10 weeks, and fees are $120/adult, $90/student.

If your're interested in joining, enrol now. We'll save a space for you, and notify you as soon as we have class dates scheduled.

Introduction to Taiko is a special course for new beginners.

How do class terms work?

Tamashii runs four ( 4 ) terms a year, each one typically running 10-weeks in length.

Casual classes are $20 per, and term fees cost $120/adult, or $90/student.

When you join your first term, each new student will also receive your own pair of bachi ( taiko drum sticks ), and our online taiko handbook, so that you can practice your taiko skills at home.

We have 4 levels of classes so each year, the teachers will gradually progress students into more advanced classes, once they can no longer grow further with the current level class.

There are no breaks between terms except for the Christmas holiday break ( when we run casual classes ).

Who can Join?

Our classes are designed for Adults and Students (Year 9+), but we welcome school-age children (Year 1 - Year 8) who join the class with a parent or older sibling.

Taiko is suitable for any age or fitness level!  We encourage a high level of energy in your playing, but our rule is only put in as much as you are comfortable with.  We have students of all ages, from 10 - 85.

Where Are Classes Held?

All of our regular classes run in Auckland, at our dojo in Panmure.

If you live outside of Auckland, contact us - we offer special workshops for out-of-town visitors, and we may be able to connect you with a team nearer you.

What To Bring

If you are unfamiliar with taiko drumming, be aware that it involves lots of movement.  Wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for good exercise, and bring water and your favorite snacks as well to keep you energized.

In cold weather, a thermos of hot tea or coffee and layered clothing are usually best. You may start the class cold, but you will be very warm after the first half-hour!

See our tips page for more suggestions

Kids & Families

Our regular class is not designed for children, however we can usually accommodate children 6 years and over if a parent participates in the class with them.

From high-school age onwards, no parental involvement is necessary.

For large groups of children, Tamashii can do school performances and workshops, as well as holiday programmes. Contact us to learn more.

Private Lessons & Workshops

Our teachers can offer one-on-one lessons or small group sessions, for any student level.

For large groups, we also offer private workshops.

Performing Taiko

Tamashii is a performing team, with usually 60+ gigs per year. Our goal is to share our passion with the world, and to grow our team as much as possible. We're also working to expand our instrument base to include Japanese flute, shamisen, and koto.

If you have performing experience or you think that you would like to reach performing level in our taiko classes, let us know! We do not require you to perform, but we encourage every class member to develop performing skills and the performers mindset. If you already know that you would like to perform with us, we can adapt the class curriculum, and give you at-home practice exercises to help you achieve that goal personally.